Welcome to Clampay

Welcome to, a certified Internet Payment Service provider Headquartered in Sliema, Malta, one of Europe's leading business and finance centres. We support you and pave your way to the world of eBusiness. Set-up and supervision of accounts for diverse business areas and online payment systems in the e-commerce.

We Pave Your Way

The monetary aspect of e-commerce for online sponsored/client accounts is our core business - a service area that requires a maximum of mutual trust. We achieve this relationship by means of clearly structured agreements, transparent workflows, consistent risk management, fair and open cooperation and competitive conditions. In this way, we enable our customers to concentrate on their actual business goal.

We focus on long-term collaboration that is fruitful for all involved and the continuous expansion of our sponsored/client account and partner network. Our course is determined by the needs and requirements of our customers and acquiring partners. Our individual solution concepts include the results of meticulous, self-critical analyses and positive as well as negative experiences.